CCTV (1997)

This piece was originally made in 1997, in an attempt to deal with the increasingly intrusive nature of the closed circuit television camera throughout all areas of the United Kingdom, but especially in my local town.

More recent events have perhaps made many people more willing to accept this surveillance and certainly have made the Government more eager to implement it and other surveillance measures. But while it may be excused on grounds of security, it cannot be denied, that for any possible future disciplinarian regime, an Oppressive State Apparatus is already in place.

The piece was designed to be hung as a triptych with the two quotations on the outside of the central observer.

Curran Observer Foucault

Camera: Olympus OM2 SP.

Films: Ilford HP5, Kodak Ektachrome.

Silver Gelatin Prints, with Lith film overlay for text.

Polaroid copies from colour slides.