An Incomplete History of 20th Century Science:

Life Science (2016)

An idea which grew out of the project CATG, so far this is the only element I have completed. So 'Incomplete' is a most accurate description for this project!

For exhibition, the work is presented as a triptych.

 Life science Triptych

The individual panels are:-

Left hand Panel

a complex, naturally multilayered image shot between the Medicine and Genome exhibits at the Wellcome Collection in London

 Medicine and Genomes at the Wellcome Collection, London

Centre Panel

an anaglyph, 3D image of a model of the double helical structure of DNA, together with the (auto)biographies of the major players in the elucidation of the structure, photographed in front of a composite print based on self portraits and publications made in my life. All this is mounted in front of cyanotypes based on pages from the original publications in Nature in 1953. This is best viewed with 3D (red/cyan) glasses.

3D picture of DNA

Right hand Panel

the reconstruction of Watson and Crick's famous model, in the Science Museum, London

DNA Model in the Science Museum, London

Photographed in the Studio and on location in London (Wellcome Collection and the Science Museum)