Photopolymer Intaglio

This is a non-toxic and non-corrosive approach which mimics the traditional intaglio (or etching) process

A commercial photopolymer plate (I use KM73) is a steel plate coated with a UV-sensitive polymer. This is naturally water soluble, but when exposed to UV light it hardens and become insoluble.

I start by making a positive image on transparent film from a digital file and sandwich this to the surface of the plate and expose the sandwich under UV-tubes. This is then followed by exposure to a dot-matrix screen. (More recently I have been printing the image directly on the plate - by converting the image to a random dither I can avoid the second dot-matrix exposure).

After exposure the plate is 'developed' in water and dried. When coated with intaglio ink and suitably wiped an impression can be taken onto damp paper using an etching press.

Photopolymer Intaglio Works