Digital and Digital Prints

I finally took the plunge and bought my first digital camera in December 2005, after much deliberation. Much thought was expended on how I would deal with storage and backup and the lack of a tangible object like a negative. Since then I have hardly made a single conventional print, though there have been many times when I have regretted that and resolved to go back to the darkroom! But I cannot deny that the very convenience of digital has many benefits. My shooting rate has doubled, though I have made very few actual prints; I do find that the inkjet print (I use an Epson 3880 currently) is less satifying that a finely crafted silver-gelatin print and much harder to take seriously as a photograph. This is probably bound up with my love of monochrome and my insecurities with regard to 'colour'. I am sure that will ultimately pass.

Of course digital photography was not new to me. I had been teaching Photoshop since version 3 and had use film scanning (surely the most boring activity since the invention of the developing tank for film) from time to time. The earlier works shown here (up to Le Jardin) originated on film, since then I have shot almost exclusively with digital cameras (currently an Olympus OMD EM1 MkII, Fujifilm X100t and an iPhone 11 Pro).

Works using Digital Methods: